The Making of Disciples

The Making of Disciples

  • Who is a disciple of the Lord Jesus?
  • How does someone become and remain as a disciple?
  • Who is a disciple-maker?

This critically important book is presented by the author as  ‘‘An attempt to provide the needful for the Lord’s call to make disciples ...’’

It is a statement of the revelations, doctrines, methods, and principles of discipleship aimed at helping anyone to experience discipleship and thereby lead others to grow in a way to become active workers in making others into disciples of Jesus Christ.

Finally, the making of disciples is all about the work of transforming a sinner into a repentant sinner, a repentant sinner into a convert, a convert into a young disciple, leading the young disciple to spiritual maturity, and, finally, helping him to become a disciple-maker.

It is a book to read and recommend to any servant of God cognizant of the glorious mission that the Lord Jesus Christ has entrusted to His church: "Therefore,  go and make disciples of all nations …"

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