A Successful Marriage: The Husband’s Making

A Successful Marriage: The Husband’s Making


This book is the fifth in the series ‘‘God sex and you." From an impeccable knowledge, understanding and mastery of the Scriptures, the author, Professor Z.T.  Fomum, argues convincingly that, as the king of the household, the prophet and the priest of his wife, a man is solely responsible for the success of the marriage according to God's bidding.

The need arises for the husband to put his 'self' under control, to love his wife as Christ loved the Church, to have a supreme goal and to pray and fast for her.

Every man is to love his wife using God's evaluation system in the Bible. Many marriages fail because the partners are using personal, traditional, customary or modern evaluation systems.

This book can make you wise onto salvaging and saving your marriage, for those who are married, and providing a solid foundation for those who will marry one day.

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