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You Can Receive a Pure Heart Today!


Two fundamental truths are demonstrated in this book:

  1. that a pure heart is a gift from God which should be treasured as soon as it is received and,
  2. that only those who have a pure heart will see God.

Having a pure heart and being holy are one and the same thing.

It is a message on sanctification that is not limited to mere exhortations on the need to have a pure heart. Much more, it is about satisfying the hunger of those who seek to know how to receive a pure heart and keep it continually pure.

In this book, Z.T. Fomum exposes the vanity of Christless religions: They distinguish their old (unclean) heart and make it look like a new (or pure) heart. The truth is that all who have an unclean heart need Jesus, regardless of their religion.

This book is like light in darkness. Read it.

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