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Waiting on The Lord in Prayer

Waiting on The Lord in Prayer


The Missing Second Dimension of Prayer

  • When was the last time you heard from God?
  • In fact, have you ever had God speak to you?
  • Maybe the question should be: Have you ever waited on God in prayer?

Prayer as dialogue may seem surprising to even some seasoned intercessors. This book explores that often missing dimension in the prayer life.

Professor Fomum teaches first from the Scriptures how true prayer is a dialogue between God and man. All true communication is two-way, with feedback as the necessary confirmation that the message is being heard, understood, and responded to. Otherwise, we are engaging in monologues, however dramatic.

The main reason we need to wait on the Lord in prayer is to seek to know what is on God’s heart. This volume advances from the previous one, Moving God Through Prayer which taught how we should pray according to God’s will. Now the process for finding out God’s will is delineated.

Using a few key models, mostly from the Bible like Moses, Paul, and the Lord Jesus himself, the author brings out the importance of waiting on the Lord for revelation and answers. If these heroes of the faith spent such a large proportion of their prayer life in waiting on and listening to God should not every one of us do likewise?

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