The Way of Overcomers

The Way of Overcomers


Overcomers are people who, constantly facing choices between satisfying God or satisfying self, choose to satisfy God. Those who continue as overcomers are those who make God their consistent choice.

By their consistent choice of the Lord (which also means that they consistently reject the wicked one) they satisfy God’s heart and make themselves the object of hell’s greatest fury and heaven’s greatest joy.

These overcomers are people who succeed to have their love for the Lord maintained by:

  • continuous contact,
  • continuous fellowship,
  • continuous obedience and
  • continuous elimination

of even the slightest barrier between them and God.

It is in the purpose of God that all His elect should overcome the devil, the world and the flesh. Unfortunately, many are overcome because of an unwillingness to pay the price. Overcomers are normal Christians.

This book goes out with the prayer that the Lord of glory should move through the power of the Holy Spirit to produce many overcomers in His Church; for His great purposes are tied up with these.

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