The Sin Before You May Lead to Immediate Death: Do Not Commit It!

The Sin Before You May Lead to Immediate Death: Do Not Commit It!


This is one of the most serious books I have ever written. If I remember correctly, it is perhaps my seventieth book.

It is also a book which is being finished in the month of my twenty-eighth spiritual birthday. I am grateful to the Lord that from the depth of my heart, I do not know any sin that I am knowingly committing. I can also say that, by the grace of God, I do not know any plan or plans that I am making, have made or intend to make, that are not resonant with any aspect of the will of God that He has shown to me. By the grace of God, I have covenanted myself solemnly before the Lord that I will not do anything until I have sought His will in the matter and, to the best of my knowledge, I am fully persuaded that that thing is the will of God. In addition to this, I have covenanted myself before the Lord that any moment I find that I have committed or I am committing any sin or doing anything that is out of resonance with the will of God, I will stop it at once and confess what I have done to the Lord God Almighty and to one human being. My prayer is that the Lord should enable me to so walk in all of the future. My prayer is that the Lord should take me higher and higher in the way of sanctification so that I will experience in an ever-increasing way the perfect sanctification that He purchased for me by the death of His Precious Son on the Cross. It is from this spiritual position that I have had the courage and peace of mind to write this book.

There are indications all over the world that the Lord might soon rend the heavens and pour His Holy Spirit upon His children in an unusual way. If these indications are truly pointing to a coming revival, then we should also expect that God is also going to deal with sin the same way as He dealt with it at the beginning when Ananias and Sapphira died for their lying, and Herod was eaten by worms for accepting for himself worship that ought to have been immediately landed at the feet of God. What we are saying is that God will not move in great might and bless His Church without moving in great might to purge it of sin. So, while we wait for God to move, we must move ahead and examine our hearts and lives and get rid of every trace of sin that is in us, so that we may be able to stand in God’s coming day.

The Bible says that judgment will start in the house of God. That is true. He will soon deal with those who sin deliberately, with utter harshness. You should move ahead of Him and examine yourself and let Him cleanse and sanctify you, so that you will not have to perish with the world.

The writing of this book over a period of twelve months, has forced me to reconsider the gravity of sin and to instill in my heart anew the fear of the Lord. It has created in me the desire to put on the total holiness of God, not just so that I should not sin unto death, but so that I should conform to the holiness of Him whom I love. So the writing of this book has contributed to my personal sanctification and personal consecration to the Lord more than any other thing I know of. I will be eternally grateful to the Lord for leading me to write this book and, through the writing of it, bringing me to a new level of sanctification and consecration.

I pray that the reading of this book should do the same for you and in you. I pray that it should open your eyes to behold the utter holiness of God, which compels Him to deal with some sins the way that He does, and that in thus beholding His holiness, you will not only depart from all sin but fall down before Him increasingly in unceasing worship and adoration.
To the all-holy God – immortal, invisible, God only wise, be honour, adoration, praise, and worship, now and forever.

We recommend that you should read the book in thirty-five days, taking one chapter a day. We recommend that you should slowly read the Bible passages at the beginning of each chapter twice before you read what we have written.

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