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The Ministry Of Supplication

The Ministry Of Supplication


God answers prayers. If people are desperate enough to seek His will, know what He wants and then wrestle to see it come to reality, it will become a reality. Hannah had a problem.

Her problem was a kind of national problem because the nation desperately needed a prophet, and her first son had to occupy that post and function in that office. Initially, she was complacent in her barrenness, but the ministry of provocation, which she received from Peninnah, stirred her to wrestle with tears, fasting, vowing, more tears, bitterness of soul, anguish of soul, great anguish and great grief, until she moved God to hear her and answer her.
In moving God to provide her need, she also moved God to provide the need of His people.

May the Lord mightily touch you as you read this book! May it move you to abandon all that must be abandoned in order that you may be abundantly fruitful! May your eyes be opened to your potential to execute God’s will by seeing His cause, making His cause your cause and asking Him to move through your supplication to make an individual, a family, a town, a nation, nations and continents of the earth your possession for Him!
Glory be to His Name in the highest!

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