The Ministry Of Praise And Thanksgiving

The Ministry Of Praise And Thanksgiving


Praise and Thanksgiving are musts for the maturing believer. Praise and Thanksgiving are the exaltation of God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. There are aspects of intercourse with God in which a man seeks to ask and receive from the Lord.

These asking and receiving aspects of prayer are primarily man-centered. A man comes to the Lord with a need and asks and receives from the Lord. The Lord is glad to give, but man is the direct beneficiary.

However, in Praise and Thanksgiving, a man forgets his needs and comes to the Lord, receives a revelation of the Person or a deed of the Lord, and then praises and thanks to the Lord for who He is or for what He has done. God is thus the object of the Ministry of Praise and Thanksgiving! God’s heart is satisfied. His “need” of praise and thanksgiving is met. He is exalted and His heart satisfied.

You are called to praise and thank the Lord unceasingly -- always, at all times and in every circumstance. There will be many events for which you will immediately cry out, “Praise the Lord!” because you see the immediate benefit to you from what has happened. Ensure that that cry is loud, firm and unceasing. There will be other events which, on immediate analysis, seem to be bad or very bad for you. Also cry out, “Praise the Lord!” even though you do not see any immediate benefit that can come out of them. Cry out, “Praise the Lord!” Ensure that the cry is loud, firm and unceasing. God has willed that you thus praise Him. Do. He will act and you will be amazed by the way He will transform apparent tragedies into great blessings.

Glory be to the Lord!

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