The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Leadership (Vol. 1)

The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Leadership (Vol. 1)


The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Leadership (Volume 1)” contains the following books:

  1. Knowing the God of Unparalleled Goodness
  2. The Secret of Spiritual Rest
  3. Brokenness: the Secret of Spiritual Overflow
  4. Spiritual Nobility
  5. Leading God’s People

This volume undertakes a study of the leadership substance and styles of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and Joseph, son of Jacob. Abraham leads from a position of the Father, while Isaac leads from a position of the Son at rest and at peace. Jacob transforms from the worldly and carnal into Israel, the spiritual and divine. He signifies how a believer can go from carnal to spiritual.

A father will do everything to save his children from the enemy and his snares. To the father, everyone is a son or daughter. Abraham brought Lot, his nephew, up as a son. When he was carried away in war, together with his family, Abraham felt a father’s responsibility to go after his captors. With 318 men born and brought up in his household, he liberated his nephew from the hands of 4 kings and their armies.

Isaac demonstrated his leadership by eliminating every continuation of conflict. He embodies the Prince of peace. He had an eye for digging new wells in the Philistine country, while the Philistines could not locate any. He also had a head for locating the filled up wells that his father had dug.

Every person who will be an abiding leader must be broken, and brokenness is the secret to spiritual overflow. When Jacob was broken, he produced 12 patriarchs who constituted a whole nation - Israel. Sustained leadership begins with brokenness and produces an overflow in successors as seen in the life of Jacob

Joseph son of Jacob, on his own part, suffered rejection, rebuff, jealousy and jalopy from close quarters for a total of 13 years in order to emerge as a major leader handling the whole nation of Egypt. Due to what he went through without complaining and without being bitter, he led the world from Egypt. Do you want to know how to lead God’s people? Here is a classic volume, with practical examples, on how to lead God’s people.

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