Retreats For Spiritual Progress

Retreats For Spiritual Progress


This book is both an awakening and a reviving manual, with a series of suggested spiritual retreat programmes to guide the beginners.

The author, Z.T. Fomum provides an answer to the many questions that Christians often ask themselves, concerning either their own spiritual progress or the spiritual progress of other believers.

These questions can be summed up as follows:

  • How do you overcome the tendency to activism which makes agitated believers unable to be calm before God in order to seek Him?
  • How do you know God so that you can serve Him from deep knowledge?
  • In a word, how do you walk from one degree of progress to another in our generation?

The author invites us, in response to these many questions, to experience a life of spiritual retreats. That life is a prelude to the great final retreat that the Lord will soon take with His church.

Therefore, retreats are presented as a sign of love for the Lord and an activity in preparation for our final retreat with the Lord. Retreats for spiritual progress are to be taken regularly as a way of life.

To resolve questions relating to the preparation and planning of a spiritual retreat, the author suggests, as a guide, a series of retreat programmes ranging from 15 minutes to several hours and days.

In devising a format for several types of retreats, the author effectively answers the question of what should be done step-by-step during a retreat. You just need to choose the type of retreat you wish to take and just follow the instructions given in the book by the author.

This book is both an awakening and a reviving instrument.

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