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Prayer and Holiness

Prayer and Holiness


The holiness of God demands that anything that Jesus would not have prayed about is not prayed.

The question then arises, how does a child of God know for sure what to ask for in prayer that will receive divine probation? Secondly, who is qualified to pray?

The author, Professor Z.T. Fomum, goes into great depth to provide not only a succinct answer to these questions but also outlining the basic prerequisites to prayer. He states that:

  • Prayer and Holiness are two sides of the same coin.
  • Prayer is holy business with a Holy God.
  • In prayer one touches the holiness of God and the God of holiness.
  • Praying with sin in one’s life is self-destruction and far worse than prayerlessness.

Prayer and Holiness is an outstanding down-to-earth university-level course on prayer. In it, the author brings to light the difference between obeying God and pleasing God with regards to prayer, highlighting what goes into pleasing God.

As you pick up this book, be prepared for deep transformations and a rerouting in what you have practiced as prayer thus far.

Welcome to the sphere of practical spiritual warfare with guaranteed answers to all your prayers.

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