Learning to Importune in Prayer

Learning to Importune in Prayer


The Holy art of importunate praying and intercession.

Importunity, says Prof. Fomum, is the cry of a man in extreme danger. It is madly asking God to open a door through the wall of a situation - until the door is opened. Importunity has God’s interest in view; it is taking no rest until God is moved to do that which He alone must do.

He affirms that when God gives you a number of problems to which man has no answers, then He has promoted you - He has given you materials for importunity praying.

God’s purposes in the New Covenant are tied to the Spirit-filled life. Christian service also starts with this quality of life. He reiterates his heart’s cry to see the leader strive to be Spirit-filled and press on to attain to the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

We send out this book with prayer that the Lord would use it to produce men and women of importunate praying—watchmen at the gates of Jerusalem.

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