Leading God's People

Leading God's People


The contents of this book are lessons from a leadership training course by Prof. Z.T. Fomum on spiritual leadership in the pattern of Moses.

  • Are you a spiritual leader?
  • Is someone looking up to you to lead him to Christ or to lead him along the Christian way?
  • Has God called you to lead one, two, ten, one hundred, one thousand or more people out of the captivity of sin and self into the fullness of the obedient and sanctified life?
  • Are you at a loss on how to become and continue to be the leader that God meant you to be?

In this book, Prof. Fomum takes us through the necessary ingredients required to build the leadership wealth that sets apart and promotes a mere seeker after God into a spiritual leader.

Without a deep and intimate knowledge of God, any leadership exercised is from skill, talent or natural endowment. It can never satisfy God's heart; neither can it lead God's people to destiny.

From another angle, the author intimates that leadership is conditioned on a life sacrificed, spent, and sold out for others.

God’s limitless authority, unreserved backing and judgment with the greatest severity are given to those whom He places in leadership. It is because divine privileges carry with them great responsibilities. All who are called by God to leadership must walk carefully before Him lest they be disqualified.

Victory is possible for the obedient leader.

Be one such.

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