Basic Christian Leadership

Basic Christian Leadership


Training leaders has always been a permanent burden on Professor Fomum’s heart. In this book, «Basic Christian Leadership», Professor Fomum highlights the fact that Christian leadership is not primarily an issue of nomination or title, but a position attained and maintained before God in all areas of the Christian life.

The Christian leader is ahead of others in all things particularly in the area of Christ-likeness.

This book was written from notes taken during Professor Fomum’s teachings and covers subject matters such as:

  • The call to preach the Gospel, 
  • Jesus, the only sure foundation for salvation,
  • Working towards the reward for a job well done
  • Fighting against “self” and putting on humility
  • The shepherd’s character, pastoral ministry and the different types of sheep
  • Inner power,
  • etc.

Read this book and you will be blessed. Read it and you shall find solutions for most of your issues regarding spiritual leadership

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